​​​​About YachtKnowHow

We are in the the process of creating most extensive online resource on technical knowledge on boats and yachts for sailors and boaters around the world. There are 1,800+ pages of high-quality content waiting to be translated to help you solve every imaginable technical problem on your boat.

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Who We Are

We are two sailors from Germany, both passionate about boats and the technical systems on board. We ​started YachtKnowHow to help other boaters and sailors to keep their boats safe and ​provide them a ressource ​for advice and ​support. The information on this website is based on the extensive library of more than 1,800 pages of expert knowledge that Michael has created during his career of ​32 years as a technical writer. 

We are in the process of translating the content into English in order to make this wealth of information available to everyone. 

Michael Herrmann

Michael Herrmann

Michael is considered THE expert on boat electrics, boat mechanics and technical systems on yachts. For 28 years, he has been lead author for the German technical magazine for boatowners Palstek. Michael has written seven books on yacht electrics and mechanics. He has contributed to the draft and translation of relevant ISO standards, such as ISO 10133 and ISO 13297.

Michael is called in when consultants and engineers are at their wit's end.

As former owner of two businesses specialising in the construction of steel hulls and marine engines, he does not only have the theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills needed to fix everything imaginable on a boat.

Currently, Michael runs the German website YachtInside, an online library of more than 1,800 pages of technical knowledge. This library is the basis for most content on YachtKnowHow.

Dr. Jan C. Athenstädt

Jan runs KlabauterKiste, the German online magazine for boatowners and Klabauter-Shop, an online shop for boat supplies. He has worked as deckhand and bosun on tall ships such as the Bark Europa, the Schooner Zodiac, sailing the worlds oceans all the way down to Antarctica. In recent years, he has been responsible for rewiring and maintaining various yachts as well as the research vessel Aldebaran.

Jan holds a PhD in Computer Science from Konstanz University and a masters from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He has studied at the University of Washington (Seattle) on a Fulbright grant.

Currently, Jan is fixing up an old Laurin32 in Hamburg, preparing the yacht for extensive bluewater cruising.

Jan Athenstädt Sailing his Laurin 32

Jan Athenstädt on his Laurin32. He is in the process of getting the boat ready for a trip across the Atlantic. Jan loves working on boats and fixing and maintaining their technical systems. 

Michael Herrmann has been working on marine engines since the 70s. His fashion style has changed since then - his passion for boat mechanics has remained the same

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